We acknowledge that there are many places you, a donor, can make your investment. 

Since its birth, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has been committed to being a broker for change and has partnered with civil society, governments and committed partners to end AIDS. It has not shied away from honest conversations and has used its influence at the highest levels of government to compel leaders to strip away stigma and discrimination and the underlying health systems factors that block us all from ending the epidemic. 

UNAIDS is unique in that it is a joint programme with 11 Cosponsors and a Secretariat.  UNAIDS galvanizes political commitment, mobilizes investment, and supports countries in effectively using resources to halt and reverse the spread of AIDS. Due to the unique structure of the Joint Programme, UNAIDS can draw from the experience and expertise of 12 United Nations agencies to combat all obstacles in the way of ending AIDS by 2030.

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